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Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind. - Rudyard Kipling.

Hi, I am Suchi and I and my team welcome you to If there is a writer sleeping inside of you it is time to wake up the sleeping Giant now because there is great news for you.

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Writing is a passion for many of us, be that writing a fiction novel, a book for children, an autobiography, articles for magazines, sales letters or even a newsletter. For many the gift of writing is second nature but for others who aspire to become good writers it is sometimes an uphill task. On these pages we will try and address the needs of both the professional and the novice. We are sure you'll find them useful as much as they have been to us.

Beginning a career in Writing

Someone once asked Winston Churchill how he was able to write so well and to which he answered: "By reading voraciously the works of others". For most of us the urge to write came from the great writings we have read. Reading is one of the best habits that a good writer can possess. Most of the things a writer likes to write about therefore stems from the material he or she reads. This also does not imply that every voracious reader is a also a good writer. However a good reader can become a good scribe if only he or she made a sincere effort to write.

Remember our teachers at school persuading us to read the newspaper everyday. For some of us that habit took its root at home encouraged by our parents. Reading was afterall a great foundation for many a good writing career and it still is. However with the coming of radio and television a huge reading population seemed to get distracted and eventually lose their precious reading habit. Let us remind you that although TV has it's own benefits nothing can replace the Newspaper, magazine, book or other printed media when it comes to acquiring good reading habits and subsequently good writing skills.

With emerging and growing interest in and the development of the Internet many newspapers and magazines went online. Reliable web sites for good reading and writing have been springing up regularly to help the aspiring and professional writer. So for those of you aspiring to write and who have almost given up your reading habits we urge you not to do so. The Internet if full of great sites for reading (books, magazines, newspapers you name it, there are tons of them) that compiling a good list of these web sites would run into several pages. A search for them in your favourite search engine will prove this. We are sure you'll find more than one interesting site related to your subject.

The other habit, of course, to become a good writer is to write regularly. As for tingling your creativity and also provide you with resources and material to improve your writing and to enforce a good writing habit here are some of our recommendations.

Writer's Resource Center

A good starting point for the aspiring, amateur and professional writer.

Writers resources from Quintessential careers<

Tons of links for all writers.<

Web site of the popular magazine for writers. Check out their excellent reviews and links at their 101 best sites for writers.<

Interesting site with innovative exercises to help the writer get over the 'writing fix'.<

Writers, get your creative juices flowing. This site should help.

At this juncture we also cannot help overemphasizing the importance of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and usage of words for good writing. Here are our picks for the best of the sites and tools that can help.

Strunk's Elements of Style<

Check this site for style and composition. Originally written in 1918, and recommended even today.

Charles Darling's web site on Grammar<

Highly recommended by several leading web sites for writers.

Jack Lynch's web site on Grammar<

Another popular and good site for online english grammar reference.

University sites can provide a lot of good content. Although they are primarily designed to cater to their students you can benefit too. Here is one site we liked.

Texas A & M University's English site<

Our favourite university site on English grammar.

Sites that discuss common mistakes made while writing can be very useful and interesting too. Here are our top picks.

Writing tips and guidelines from the UK's Department of Journalism<

A useful web site for writers.

Paul Brian's Common errors in English<

The site design may not be appealing but the content is good.

And here's an online thesaurus and dictionary that we have been using for years.

Mariam Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus<

For all your dictionary and thesaurus needs.

These days help is available for almost every kind of job there is, writing included. Here is one very handy e-book that you may want to check out for improving and correcting your English.

Be it writing letters, e-mails, articles and essays or books this is a one stop solution for the novice, amateur and pro.

As we discover new products and resources we will post information about them after our review. For now we hope that the web sites and products that we have recommended be of help in your writing career.

Now, Are you in a hurry to skip all this and are eager to find out how you can write your first book?

Write your first book now!

For those of you dreaming of writing your first book here is good news you wished you had heard much earlier in your life. There is an exciting product on the market that will not only help you write that first book but also teach you how to market it as well. Are you the kind of person who is saying to yourself - "No writing e-books, or articles for others and other magazines, or freelancing of any kind and that writing a book is the thing for me." Then rest assured. We'd like to show you a product that can help you do just that.

With this revolutionary product it will only be a matter of time before your first book is being grabbed by your hungry and voracious readers. We are also positive that your first book will also not be your last. No need to worry about not being the Best Selling writer on the New York Times bestseller's list, or if you haven't won that coveted literary award. If you have a flair for writing and if you believe that your writing will be received and will move people then you qualify to use this product. There have been many a great author who authored his/her first book very late in life. If only they had started earlier. And then there is the tragic case of those that went to their graves without writing a single book but always dreamt of doing so all their lives. You don't have to be one among these folks. Instead YOU COULD DO IT NOW.

Introducing Steve Manning and his amazing Product

Meet a successful writer who once started like you did. He is Steve Manning. Steve's product is the result of 20 years of research, trials and errors and learning the tricks of the writing trade. Steve affirms that all he needs of you to make you a writer is your ability to speak conversational English. That' all. And the best part. Steve's product comes with a full money back guarantee. So there's nothing to lose. Click the link below to learn more about this amazing product.

Who knows, the next best selling author could be YOU!

All about e-books and how to write them

If you are new to the world of e-books we can only advise you to get to know them as soon as possible as e-books are one of today's hottest selling items on the internet. Hundreds are thousands of them are being bought everyday. Even online stores of repute such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble sell them. Most e-books are basically information about a product or a service. Hence they are also called infoproducts. If you have an idea for a product or if you possess information that you want to sell to people then you are all set to create an infoproduct. Your infoproduct could turn out to be a potential goldmine if it something that is in big demand. Just take a look at this site and see for yourself how this e-book on Arthritis is doing today.

You could be the next best selling e-book author if you had the right product to sell. If you are considering writing an e-book and are wondering where and how to start, here's good and free help. Send a blank e-mail (with blanks for the subject line too) to the following e-mail address and you will receive a 5 day intensive free course from Sitesell, on how your knowledge can be converted into an infoproduct.

Sitesell is the net's permier authority on running small businesses online. Hundreds and thousands of small business have benefited from Sitesell's products. To know more about Sitesell click the link that follows.

And here's the product that tells you all you need to know about creating your successful e-book. Make Your Knowledge Sell (MYKS) from Sitesell. Click the following link to learn more about the product.

Remember that creating e-books doesn't require running to publishers or advertisers or incur expensive start up costs. Even if you don't wish to create your own e-book remember that there are others who would want to have their e-books written by you.

How to write excellent sales copy and winning letters.

Or in other words, write to sell. Remember love letters? Probably you may have written one yourself. Do you recall how well it had to be written so that the person reading it would never take his or her eyes off the words. The potency of each word was tested before it had to be written. Business letters and copy are also written so that the readers who read them are glued to the matter. However unlike love letters their objectives are different and unlike love letters many a business letter and copy fail. Learning to write successful business letters and sales copy (be that for the web or business) is not rocket science yet there is a clever technique to do it right. We'll show you how you can learn and master this technique.

All you need to do is to send a blank e-mail (with blanks in the subject line too) to the following e-mail address. Mr. Ken Evoy of Sitesell, one of the Net's copywriting gurus will deliver a 5 day free intensive course vial e-mail. We are so confident that you will not only be enlightened by the course but will also be interested in one of the finest products on the web that can teach you to write excellent sales copy and winning letters. First the free course. Send your mail to -

And here's the product that can make you a sales copy and letter writing guru.

Making Money with your writing skills

You have already seen how you can help others with their e-book, sales copy and letter writing. We would also like to mention at this juncture that with the software tools of today you don't even have to be a successful writer to help others with their writing chores. Simply anyone with basic writing skills can. However being a skilled writer will only add more quality and ease to your work. In this section we will direct you to the best tools and resources that can help you accomplish your writing tasks both quickly and efficiently.

Here are ways of how you can be of help in the writing world.

1. Freelance/Journalism 2. Resume writing. 3. Proposal and letter writing. 4. Writing Books (biographies, technical) 5. Copywriting/Proofreading services. 6. Technical writing. 7. Speech writing. 8. Translation services.

As this information is going to need more space we have devoted an entire page to the tools and services that can both help you find work and help you at your work. Click the following link to take you there.

Tools and resources

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